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Thursday, August 30, 2012

This is a co-workers car front tire. I have a question for all of you who comment

Yup, so out of alignment that he's worn through the steel already.

So I told him. He may not have been aware that his alignment was out of whack, and that his tire is now dangerous to himself and the other people on the road.

He already knew.

My question... is it wrong of me to contemplate taking the air out of this tire so he will be provoked into replacing it.

My concept is that nothing short of a blowout, flat tire, or causing a problem that might be serious enough to injure himself and unknowing fellow commuters, will get him to replace this dangerous tire.

Anyone think I'm nuts? Or am I doing the right thing. I already let him know it's dangerous, likely to blow out at speed, and cause a traffic collision that will hurt himself and innocent others

JW commented: I wouldn't just let the air out. I think (depending on other circumstances of course) I would take my pocketknife and make a small cut, just enough to let the air out that way. Make it small enough to look like he got it on the road however, then offer to take him and the tire to a shop to get a new one. 

Don't feel guilty...you would probably be saving him, and someone else, lots of pain and misery down the road. 

Andrew at  http://www.tripsandturns.com commented:
I am highlighting your post about your co-workers tire on our site tomorrow. That guy is really nuts.

YrHmblHst  Tough question... as one of the more Libertarian types you'll likely meet, I would at first say that it is his business. BUT, I would tend to say that your deflating his tyre would be done out of care and compassion for him, as well as out of concern for other road users. So, as he refuses to be responsible, and your motives are certainly pure, I would say that you would not be wrong to do so nor are you nuts. It may be the only way to get your point across in this instance. 

Robert L commented YES! After smacking him upside the head. If this blows at 70mph on the front tire he can easily swerve into someone. If he can't afford to get a tire replaced, he shouldn't be driving. 

Gerald V commented I can only hope the tire goes flat while he's on the freeway. It will teach him about false economy.


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