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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Like steampunk? I just learned of a new movie, "The Mechanical Grave"

Brass guns, top hats, and goggles... right on.

Why am I posting about non vehicular movies? It's goofy fun gearhead maker stuff. Or, as Maria May Jespy-Worthing put it:


We are explorers moved a hundred years
That hail from times of steam and shiny cogs
Some of us wear a thousand useless gears
Or goggles, some sort of industr�ial togs
I must admit we do enjoy ourselves
Our worlds of tea and airship piracy
We must have Wells and Verne upon our shelves
To guide us through the darkest �ther seas
Although we�re from a time that never was
We feel at home there as we never have
And you may scoff and giggle at our cause�
We know how much discovery can move.
So do not mock the steampunks if you�re wise�
We�ve rayguns and brass cybertronic eyes.
from http://www.ottens.co.uk/gatehouse/Gazette%20-%2018.pdf

It might be a total hacker, but I still want to see it.

Found on  http://www.ottens.co.uk/gatehouse/
For more steampunk links: http://www.steampunkis.org/

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