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Monday, August 13, 2012

the 'Ring is bankrupt. Nurburgring filed last Wednesday

The Rhineland Palatinate state government had asked the Commission to pump �13 million into the firm as part of a rescue package which would also seee the firm would defer payment on a �330 million loan from a state-owned bank.

 But European competition authorities refused to approve the plan and the firm which owns the track will now go into administration. Administrators will then soon be responsible for all contracts, whether this be with Bernie Ecclestone for the Formula 1 races or with concert organiser Marek Lieberberg for the Rock am Ring festival.

 European authorities are already in the midst of checking whether more than �500 million has been funnelled into the racetrack and leisure complex in contravention of competition rules.

 The Rhein Zeitung said that tax payers should expect to pay heartily for the situation, as the entire complex is said to be only worth �126 million � according to a study compiled by Ernst & Young for the state.

 The figures show the firm is �413 million in debt, including �330 million borrowed from the state-owned bank and �83 million to share-holders, the paper said. The state could end up sitting on debts of around �287 million.


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