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Monday, August 27, 2012

If you are anywhere in South America, and need an Isetta .. the OldCarStore has some to sell!


Dear friend,
Invite you to visit our enterprise, we are dedicated to track, recover and restore micro cars,
motorcycles classic garage and various ornaments, vintage pieces of unique features, attractive and rich history.
Meet us in running our hobby, we strive to make each day more friends who share our passion.
by http://www.oldcarsstore.com   - Photos : http://www.facebook.com/Oldcarsstore

Querido amigo,
Invitamos a visitar nuestra empresa, nos dedicamos a rastrear, recuperar y restaurar los micro coches,
motocicletas, cl?sicos y diversos adornos de garage , piezas vintage de caracter?sticas ?nicas, atractiva
y de rica historia.
Nos apasiona nuestro hobby, nos esforzamos para que cada d?a sean m?s los amigos que lo compartan.
Las piezas que ofrecemos en venta, son unicas y de calidad de excelencia digna de cualquier coleccion,
museo o el coleccionista mas riguroso en su calificacion.


Pablo Pedragosa

Tel: +598 47721439 - Movil: +598 98956613
55000 Artigas

Know why Pablo gets a full post advert? Cause Isetta are a favorite of mine, South Americans are cool, and I'd love to hang out and talk cars with him. Yeah, that's it. No nonsense advertising gimmics like I see everyday from someone who has clients who will pay for getting a link on my site, just an honest guy making a living restoring cool old cars. I say, vote for Pablo!  


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