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Monday, November 12, 2012

Rud is making a great variety of snow chains, and one very cool gizmo, the Rotogrip

I am not familiar with snow chains, I've never needed them. So pardon me if I'm wrong, but these seem to be innovative ways of making snow chains more effective and are innovative in my opinion

But the following demonstration of inventiveness really is the coolest

 as your tire rolls along, you hit a switch, and that causes the contact roller to swing onto the sidewall of your tire, which then powers the roller into spinning, and since the chains are bolted to it, they swing around, and get spun out flat and onto the ground in front of the tire that need snow chains. On the move, without getting out and putting a set of chains onto your tire. It's like the effect that flipping a switch to engage 4 wheel drive had instead of the old way of stopping your truck, getting out, and trying to rotate the lever in the hub to engage 4 wheel drive. Now, you can keep moving



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