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Sunday, November 4, 2012

one reason I love attending SEMA, and recommend you beg, borrow, or rent yourself out to get there next year

this is the sort of thing that you see in various booths to capture your attention and draw a crowd. A crowd is a damn good thing to have, it gets people wondering what the hell you have that has so many peoples attention. This machine gun hemi is all made of Lightweight Authentic Replicas moldings that you could use for mock up work when custom fabricating, and not have to figure out how to lift hundreds or thousands of pounds of engines, transmissions, etc etc every time you need to get working with or without the engine
 You may not want to buy from these guys though, read this first http://www.nova.org/~mlevea/p-ayr.html

When you see their website, you'll agree they have an amateur approach to business, unfortunately, http://www.payr.com/ their events calendar is still listing 2007 stuff. Sheesh

Back in 2009, this company had one cool display item, a made up mini car... very cool, http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2009/11/funnest-thing-i-found-at-sema.html


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