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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fully restored vs modified.. .the State Farm Ins Co double duty '68 Camaro

The insurance company says that one reason for making this Camaro is that it�s easier to transport one car around the company than two. Also, State Farm is obviously using it as a publicity stunt, not just an educational tool. They use it to educate State Farm agents about vintage cars and the difference between original equipment and customization or restomods.

One side of the car is completely stock, the other side has been modified. The concept is carried out even under the hood as the stock side of the engine has cast iron heads and the restomod side has an aluminum head. That might make the car run funny, that is, if they ran it. Though theoretically the car is functional, to prevent issues from safety and regulatory nannies the car is void of fluids so they can take it into any building.

 learned about this on http://www.rokemneedlearts.com/carsindepth/wordpressblog/?p=10927 at the end of the video, they say it will be at SEMA


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