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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Electric motorcycle may be it's designation to the DMV... but I know a fast car when I see it

read about it here http://green.autoblog.com/2011/04/26/t3-motion-r3-three-wheelers-video/

but in short, with only one rim in back, even though it has twin motorcycle tires on it... nice trick - that, it is classified in the decades old loophole, as a motorcycle, and this allows it to not have to be crash tested. Not be registered as a car, and since it's electric, it doesn't have to get smogged here in California.

It's about 30thou, give or take 5thou, and the company is going to have a difficult time finding a lot of buyers is my guess... a lot of competition for 90 miles, at 30 thou, in the electric car realm... and then add all the motorcycles, mini cars, etc etc that get superb gas mileage... hmmmm

Why is it at the Dana Point Concours? It's a new vehicle... shouldn't qualify... unless you can pay your way in . huh, can you pay to showcase / advertise a new car at a concours? Well, I guess if that is what it takes to have an event on a nice golf course, on the shore of the Pacific, in southern California... 


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